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Vehicle Back Seat Storage Organizer

Vehicle Back Seat Storage Organizer

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Introducing the Car Back Seat Storage Organizer with Touch Screen Tablet Holder – a revolutionary solution designed to enhance the functionality and organization of your vehicle's interior. This meticulously crafted accessory combines innovative features, durable construction, and thoughtful design to provide unparalleled convenience during every journey.

Key Features:

1. Made with the upmost thinking and clever engineering: The design of this product reflects advanced engineering principles and innovative thought. Each feature has been carefully considered and expertly crafted for maximum effectiveness and maximum quality for your luxury.

2. Touch Screen Tablet Holder: The integrated tablet holder allows passengers to securely mount their devices for entertainment on the go. Compatible with most tablets, this feature ensures easy access to movies, games, and more, keeping passengers entertained and engaged during long trips.
3. Crazy Amounts Of Storage Compartments: This organizer boasts 10 compartments and pockets to keep your essentials neatly stored and easily accessible. From snacks and drinks to gadgets and accessories, there's a designated space for everything, eliminating clutter and maximizing space efficiency.
4. Adjustable Straps for Universal Fit: Equipped with adjustable straps, this organizer easily attaches to the back of any car seat, ensuring a secure and stable fit. Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, or minivan, enjoy the versatility of a universal storage solution that adapts to your vehicle's interior.
5. Touch Screen Compatibility: The tablet holder features a transparent touch-sensitive screen, allowing passengers to interact with their devices without removing them from the organizer. Enjoy full touchscreen functionality for effortless navigation and control.
6. Versatile Storage Options: With a combination of mesh pockets, zippered compartments, and beverage holders, this organizer offers versatile storage options to accommodate a variety of items. Keep everything from water bottles to travel essentials within reach, ensuring a clutter-free and organized environment.
7. Stylish and Sleek Design: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car's interior with the sleek and modern design of this organizer. The black Oxford fabric and streamlined silhouette complement any vehicle's interior, adding a touch of sophistication to your driving experience.
8. Quick and Easy Installation: Enjoy hassle-free installation with the adjustable straps that securely fasten the organizer to the back of your car seat. No tools or complicated assembly required, allowing you to set up the organizer in minutes and hit the road with ease.

9. Foldable Design for Space Saving: When not in use, the organizer can be easily folded down for compact storage. Save valuable space in your car when the organizer is not needed, making it ideal for occasional use or travel.

10. Water-resistant and heat resistant: It's a versatile and durable organizer designed to withstand the elements and keep your car clutter-free. Made with premium materials and innovative technology, it offers protection from water damage and heat, making it ideal for all your needs.


    • Material: Premium Oxford Fabric
    • Dimensions: 61cm(24.01") x 41.5cm(16.34")
    • Color: Black
    • Installation: Adjustable Straps

      Installation Guide:

      1. Identify Seat Back: Begin by identifying the back of the desired car seat where you intend to install the organizer.

      2. Adjust Straps: Adjust the straps on the organizer to achieve the desired length, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

      3. Secure Attachment: Position the organizer against the seat back and secure it in place by looping the straps around the headrest and bottom of the seat.

      4. Tighten Straps: Once the organizer is properly positioned, tighten the straps to eliminate any slack and ensure a stable attachment.

      5. Check Stability: Confirm that the organizer is securely fastened to the seat back and adjust the straps if necessary to achieve optimal stability.

        Notes and Usage Guidelines:

        • Maximum Weight Capacity: To prevent damage to the organizer and ensure passenger safety, avoid exceeding the maximum weight capacity specified by the manufacturer.
        • Cleaning Instructions: For routine maintenance, spot clean the organizer with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Allow it to air dry completely before reattaching to the seat.
        • Tablet Compatibility: Before inserting a tablet into the holder, ensure that it is compatible with the size and dimensions specified by the manufacturer.

            Product Containing:

            • 1x Car Back Seat Storage Organizer
            • 1x Set of Adjustable Straps
            • 1x User Manual
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